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If you’ve ever peeked at our Experiences page, you’ve noticed our variety of art offerings. One such class is taught by certified art instructor Jenny B, a native Texan, who’s called Hawaii home for 20+ years. Though she’s worked and studied all over the globe (like Dallas, Atlanta, Paris and Japan), Hawaii is where she finds her ultimate inspiration.

Below, we chat with Jenny about the alcohol ink class she hosts here at the Surfjack. Whether you’re a newbie or seasoned art lover, this class is for you.

What is alcohol ink?

Alcohol inks are an acid-free, highly-pigmented, and fast drying medium to be used on non-porous surfaces. Combining the vibrant colors with rubbing alcohol creates unique images that are fluid and always one of a kind.

How/why did you get into using alcohol ink as a medium?

I am an artist and love trying new mediums. I tried using alcohol inks years ago on glass in a very abstract way: about 3 years ago my friend shared with me a piece of YUPO Paper (a non-porous paper ideal for alcohol inks) and thought I should experiment with it and alcohol inks. It changed my world! I began painting with the inks in a controlled way and discovered sea creatures and so many other subjects the island offers as inspiration.

At the Surfjack class, what can we expect to paint?

Classes at the Surfjack range from Sea Creatures to 808 Landscapes. In August, I will introduce and offer a new Tropical Flower class with alcohol inks.

What’s your personal favorite thing to paint?

My favorite thing to paint depends on what I am inspired by, which changes often. Currently, I am obsessed with ohi’a (seen below).

What’s your favorite thing about Waikiki?

My favorite thing about Waikiki is honestly the Surfjack. I love the space—it feels like home. It’s a throwback to another time really takes me away. I love holding class on Sundays and listening to the live music while I teach by the pool. Everyone seems at ease and so happy to be there. It’s been a dream of mine to teach at the Surfjack. My heart is full. Plus, I love having lunch at Mahina & Sun’s after class!

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