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Say aloha to Surfjack Sessions, an anthology of songs from Hawaii-based and global musicians recorded live at the hotel and throughout Waikiki. With the help of our community, our #SurfjackFam is elevating local musicians to a global scale and vice versa.

Expect select songs to be added to a limited-edition vinyl record co-produced by Surfjack and Olive & Oliver. Plus, revenue from the sales of the vinyl will go to Mana Mele Project, from the Mana Maoli Foundation, a nonprofit and social entrepreneurship venture dedicated to giving Hawaii’s underserved youth a chance to create and connect through music.

First up, Brian Bent, the ever-eclectic, self-taught artist, musician, surfer, hot rod enthusiast (the list goes on). Whether through music, surfing, writing, painting, sculpting, car building, or whatever else sets his soul afire, Brian undoubtedly brings his electric energy to all he touches.

Describe your music in three words… Fast, in control

What’s the weirdest thing that’s happened at one of your shows? I got shocked from microphone on stage and dimmed the lights.

Who are some of your favorite artists? Bob Dylan, David Bowie, Lionel Hampton, The Who

What’s the craziest thing you’ve done on a hot rod? I’ve drag raced a biplane.

For those who don’t know, what IS a kook box and why do you choose to build/ride them? A kook box is a hollow paddle board from the ’30s and they are very fast when you get them in the trim of a good wave because of the square rails and how flat they are.

You seem to do it all—build, make music, surf, create, design, etc.—what are some of the most exciting projects you’re working on now? I’m painting all the 1966 Surfer magazine issues and I get to have the show at John Severson’s house that he had built in the 60s at Cotton’s Point in San Clemente, California (before he moved to Hawaii).

You spent a lot of time exploring Waikiki with us—what places stood out to you, and did any interesting things happen while you were here? I met some of the beach boys at Waikiki and it was cool to meet a few guys out in the water. Meeting some of the local surfers is always really cool, and so is riding one of [Todd] Pinder‘s longboards. I got to record up in the penthouse of the Surfjack. I’m familiar with—and I totally dig—that kind of a Palm Springs-style of the Surfjack. Also, it was really cool to meet the guys from trim. Lastly, I was really stoked on Greenroom Hawaii.

photos by Casea Collins-Wright and Matt Luttrell

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