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Inspired by her love of the sea, bohemian beach jeweler Stacey Garmshausen of Stacey G Jewelry is on a mission to raise awareness about the harmful effects of the plastic pollution overtaking our oceans and environment. The brand, started back in 2006 and is now based in Kailua, features beautiful jewelry and art using discarded plastics and marine debris found on the beaches of Oahu.

Her most recent creative project is sharing her passion of teaching sustainability through her monthly Adrift Workshop here at the Surfjack. Garmshausen instructs guests how to create beautiful, ocean-inspired mobiles using unique materials that would otherwise be discarded or are already polluting the island and our oceans.

Below, we talk more to Garmshausen about her mobiles and mimosas workshop at the Surfjack and how to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

What prompted you to start these Adrift workshops?

I’ve been making mobiles and selling them to stores and everyone loves them! Earlier this year, I was asked to do a workshop for Wanderlust Festival attendees. That was my first time doing these mobile workshops, and to my surprise, every workshop was filled up—and even had a wait list.

What can guests expect at your mobile workshop at the Surfjack?

I bring all supplies to create a recycled marine plastic mobile or wall hanging. There is an assortment of beautiful colored plastic that I’ve collected off the beaches here on Oahu. All the materials are thoroughly washed and I’ve drilled holes in each piece for easy stringing. I lead attendees on how to string the plastic in their own way. It’s casual and fun, filled with good conversations. Being creative truly feeds the soul! Plus, guests can treat themselves to drinks and/or snacks from Mahina & Sun’s.

Where do you get the materials?

I collect everything off the beaches here on Oahu. Mostly in Kailua, where I live.

What are some of your tips for living more sustainably?

The first thing I changed was not buying single use water bottles. That was easy! I also carry cups, plates and utensils in my car. I challenge myself to always have my own cup when I buy coffee or any beverage. As a consumer, I try my hardest to buy as little plastic as possible, by opting for bar soap, dish soap in cardboard, bar shampoo, juice in glass bottles, etc. I no longer eat fish unless I know who caught it. The fishing industry is such a huge part of the pollution crisis. [Ed. note: Mahina & Sun’s is proud to be one of the top Ocean-Friendly restaurant’s here in Hawaii!]

What’s your favorite thing about Waikiki or Hawaii in general?

Oh my gosh, I could go on and on forever. Hawaii is a magical place. It is alive. I am alive here. The Surfjack really is one of my favorite things about Waikiki. I adore the coffee over at Olive & Oliver while browsing the cute merchandise. I love the decor and vibe of the lobby living room. I also love Waikiki weekend staycations and enjoying the Friday night fireworks.

Join Stacey at her monthly Adrift workshops – more info on our Experiences or Facebook pages!

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