Professional surfer Kelia Moniz is always looking for an excuse to come back to her home in Hawaii. Originally, Kelia and fellow pro surfers Leila Hurst and Quincy Davis were going to kick back in the Caribbean, but they ditched that plan and opted for a weekend in Waikiki—Kelia’s “favorite place in the world.”

Armed with an Olympus point-and-shoot, a Nikon FE and 35mm film, Kelia, Quincy and Leila surfed the south shore, playing tourist and taking a ton of pictures. “Being from the south shore I thought it was only fair to bring my friends to my backyard and show them a little of the treasure that is Honolulu,” says Kelia.

Below, a glimpse into the lives of three surfers on vacation in Waikiki, as lensed by Kelia herself.

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