Herewith, the lifestyle magazine that speaks to the modern beach babe, recently celebrated its 002 issue release here at the Surfjack. The poolside party brought together everyone from surfers and the style-minded to creatives and culture vultures. Aloha Got Soul spun the records while guests gathered around the pool—drinks and ‘zines in hand.

After the party, we caught up with the magazine’s Editor in Chief Megan Villa to see what’s on her radar right now.

NAME: Megan Villa
OCCUPATION: Editor in Chief, Herewith Magazine
HOMEBASE: a guide and voice for a modern beach lifestyle
ESSENTIAL EVERY DAY ITEM: Sadly my iPhone, I get a lot of work done on my phone and gather a lot of potential Herewith ideas and inspo as well via Instagram and Pinterest
THE OCEAN IS: a sanctuary and a place to get away from the madness of everything that is happening on land
ALBUM CURRENTLY ON REPEAT: Nengo Vieira & Tribo d’Abraão—a Brazilian reggae band my husband introduced me to
FAVORITE ART/DESIGN MOVEMENT RIGHT NOW: Minimalism—I am about to move to a new place and realized how much unnecessary crap I have, so I am looking forward to a massive cleansing and going more minimal.
SURFING IS: something I wish I had more time to do, whenever I do get in the water, I always wonder why it’s been so long
DRINK OF CHOICE: soy matcha green tea latte

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