Wooden Wave at the Surfjack from The Surfjack Hotel & Swim Club on Vimeo.

The Honolulu-based artists behind Wooden Wave are one of the few select local creatives adding their artistic flair to the Surfjack’s interior. Commissioned by Jasper Wong of POW!WOW! Hawaii and Michelle Jaime of The Vanguard Theory, the husband and wife duo, Matthew and Roxanne Ortiz, drew inspiration from their Hawaii roots and created a mural that reimagines the Surfjack as a treehouse hotel.

Working with the mid-century modern style seen throughout the Surfjack, the treehouse mural features breeze blocks infusing a bit of architectural detail and retro flair. “We also included a few sustainable elements such as solar panels and rooftop gardens to give the buildings a sense of community,” Roxy added. “We thrive on having creative challenges, so we liked having to think of ways to tailor our treehouse theme to this Waikiki setting.” Hence the addition of a pineapple-shaped room, waves, surfboards, a canoe, and an outdoor fire pit.

At the same time Wooden Wave was painting the mural, other Honolulu artists were working hard on their own projects for the hotel. “There was a lot of creative energy and positivity, and all of the pieces show how the hotel sets itself apart by having these one-of-a-kind artistic elements,” said Roxy.

After several months of idea curation, initial sketching and on-site work, the project was completed just in time for Surfjack’s grand opening. Roxy proudly stated, “We’re happy with the way the mural turned out and we love how it’s incorporated into the fun style of the lodging’s interior design. We feel honored to be a part of the creative landscape of this beautiful hotel.”

Above, a video capturing the behind the scenes of the making of Wooden Wave’s treehouse mural.

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